Sustainability report and communication package

Nutreco N.V.

As a global leader in animal nutrition, Nutreco has long been committed to sustainability. Nevertheless, their sustainability and communication teams were not used to working together. The company needed internal and external communications campaigns to showcase its sustainability report and 2030 roadmap – how else would people know about its incredible plans?

Thanks to a collaboration with Ecoavantis between 2020-2022, we were able to create synergy between the two teams to help them better communicate their sustainable development strategy and achievements.

Ecoavantis' team has developed a powerful set of products and services to cover a broad range of target audiences and needs: from the design of the report and social networks, web, and presentations audio-visual content to the development of an app for gamification.

Thanks to the campaign, the visibility measures of the reports have increased as well as the interaction of its employees.