A stage for sustainable fashion

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Society for International Cooperation


Spotlight on Fair Fashion! The fashion industry has an image problem. And rightly so in most cases. So it's all the more important that the seal for ecologically and socially sustainable fashion has been around since 2019: Der Grüne Knopf (The Green Button). It helps people to orientate themselves when shopping on the German fashion market. Today, 94 companies already sell products labelled with the Grüner Knopf. 260 million Grüner Knopf products have already been sold.

One of the factors pushing the use of the Green Button has been an advertising campaign that we developed, focussing – especially on Instagram. Together with our partner agency tinkerbelle, we developed the logo and claim and have since been responsible for campaigns, text, editing, graphics, media planning, press work and event management. Our goal is to increase awareness of the seal in Germany and thus motivate more people to consume consciously and sustainably.