A promise to a metropolitan: İstanbul will be walkable!

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and WRI Turkey

A campaign by Myra İstanbul for İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and WRI Turkey. The “Promise to Istanbul: Walkability Vision” campaign promotes a walkable, liveable city vision for one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. At the core of the project is a manifesto, stating “Walkable, liveable Istanbul will be planned jointly. It will be accessible, barrier-free and sustainable for all,”.

Myra facilitated a series of creative and inclusive workshops with various stakeholders, allowing them to contribute to this manifesto. These sessions enabled the municipality, NGO and private sector, working together in the field of walkability, to better understand the challenges, needs and approaches experienced. The final manifesto was created with additions from workshop participants.

In line with the chosen manifesto, a communications campaign was designed to be shared on social media to raise awareness about walkability.

The overall Project was implemented with the support of the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands MATRA (Social Transformation) Fund.