One person’s small actions can affect someone else’s life in a huge way.

United Nations Population Fund

UNFPA has been operating in Turkey for 50 years. During this time, the organisation has managed a wide range of rights campaigns from birth control to women’s rights, and from discrimination to body- and health-related rights.  In 2022, the organisation wanted to create a special campaign to celebrate its 50th anniversary and increase awareness of the UNFPA’s global goals. A set of clear and focused communications would be aimed at showcasing the good the agency has done for the country and attracting attention to existing problematic themes, such as bodily rights, inclusion and LGBTQIA+ rights.

The main concept was linking UNFPA’s work to the butterfly effect: the idea that one person’s small actions can affect someone else’s life in a huge way, even if they had never met. The aim of the campaign was to make people see how interconnected we all are and how helping one group of people can be to the benefit of all. Aside from the messaging, branding and design work that Myra completed, a big part of the project was asking governmental bodies, public institutions, academics, beneficiaries and the general public to sign manifestos to support and help marginalised groups.

Instead of forcing everyone to sign a manifesto that contained every single group, people could pick their own personal standpoint. Commitments were separated so that some people could sign up specifically to take action for women’s rights, discrimination or another cause close to their hearts. This was a key strategic move to enhance take-up and get more people on board – this way, everyone felt their opinions and points of view were being heard.  The campaign outperformed expectations. Besides the organic social media engagement numbers, the list of commitments was shared by various stakeholders, including public institution representatives. Influencers were also engaged around the commitments and had an important impact on the outcome.