How can farmers fight against climate change?

Soil Capital

Belgian start-up Soil Capital is dedicated to supporting farmers to adopt regenerative farming practices by 2025. It helps those that farm over large areas to capture CO2 in the ground to not only increase soil health but to solve the effects of climate change. Its ultimate goal? To convert one million agricultural hectares to regenerative agriculture across France, UK and Belgium.

Springtime supports the creation of the project’s communication tools – including the website, videos, presentation tools, effective support in communication strategy and maintaining a precise vocabulary around the process. This robust set of tools has allowed Soil Capital’s internal communication team to evolve independently and begin spreading the project’s message on its own.

As part of the project, it became clear that face-to-face meetings were key when speaking with farmers and allowing them to understand the climate benefits of regenerative agriculture. Springtime got to work, organising video shoots with farmers during the Tour des Régions 2021. It also coordinated publicity with press relations, social networks, and more to raise the profile of the project. Work began in 2021. Despite the slow-down effects of the pandemic, the project should successfully achieve its objectives in 2023.

"Springtime succeeds in bringing stimulating solutions for each of our needs. We should have met even earlier!"
Chuck de Liedekerke, Co-founder and CEO, Soil Capital