Converting CEOs to the regenerative economy

Regenerative Alliance

Regenerative Alliance, a Swiss-based non-profit, supports leaders and entrepreneurs working towards a regenerative economy. It prides itself on helping business leaders grow and foster deeper bonds with self, society and nature. For this particular project, the organisation’s main goal was to attract CEOs from medium and large European companies to take part in its first two innovative Regenerative Alliance Summits in 2019 and 2021. Once signed up, summit attendees would experience an immersive and inspiring event, focused on opening their eyes to regenerative practices.

Between 2019 and 2021, Springtime managed communications, from the website, press relations and branding to the commercial brochure, LinkedIn recruitment, and written and audio-visual reporting. The resulting communications package led to two sold-out summits. The first attracted 110 CEOs while the second hosted 250 people. Summit participants had the chance to live in the heart of nature for the weekend and were challenged by philosophers, activists and entrepreneurs such as Bertrand Piccard, Emmanuel Faber, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Satish Kumar, Nicolas Hulot, Gauthier Chapelle, Alexia Michiels, Guibert del Marmol or Frédéric Lenoir. Springtime and Regenerative Alliance already had common ground and shared viewpoints around sustainability, which led to sincere, authentic communication and openness to feedback; things that were welcomed by both parties.

"In Springtime, we found a partner who was 100% aligned with our content. This allowed us to perform well in our recruitment; Springtime's communication established the credibility of the event."

Benoit Greindl, CEO, Regenerative Alliance