A 360° Campaign supporting regional mobility transition

Municipality Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis


Does mobility transition only work in big cities? Certainly not. In the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis (RBK) [a municipality in the West of Germany] it is already in full swing. Many people use the numerous offers such as bus, car-sharing and rental bikes. But most people still prefer to use their own cars. So while the RBK continues to actively promote attractive alternatives, we are making sure that people in the region know about them.

For this, we created a large-scale 360° Campaign that covers the entire spectrum of good external communication. We broadcast on- and offline, produce print materials and out-of-home products, develop discourse and dialogue formats as well as events. As the district consists of eight municipalities, it was particularly important for us to involve their representatives as well as many other important stakeholders and multipliers from the very beginning and to include them in important decisions. With joint milestone workshops, we ensure that all important stakeholders are pulling in the same direction – for a successful mobility transition and a sustainable future.